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Stone Acres Farm | Molly & Phil

Molly and Phil's wedding at Stone Acres Farm in Stonington, CT, was a picturesque union of love and elegance. The historic charm of the farm, with its sprawling gardens and grand stone walls, provided a stunning backdrop for their special day. As Molly, radiant in her gown, walked through the lush, flower-lined pathways, there was a collective breath of awe among the guests. Phil, standing amidst the verdant landscape, looked on with adoration. Their ceremony, held under a majestic oak tree, was both intimate and grand, mirroring the farm's blend of rustic beauty and sophistication. The reception that followed was a perfect fusion of country charm and chic style, with tables set amidst the gardens, twinkling lights strung from the trees, and a night of dancing under the stars. The farm's natural beauty was matched only by the love and joy that filled the air, making Molly and Phil's wedding not just a celebration, but a memorable start to their life together.


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