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Salem Herb Farm | Kaleigh & Adam

Kaleigh and Adam's wedding at The Salem Herb Farm in Salem, CT, was a celebration that perfectly captured their love for nature and each other. Nestled among the serene beauty of the herb gardens and the quaint charm of the farm, their special day unfolded like a dream. As Kaleigh walked down the aisle, the setting sun cast a golden glow over the farm, illuminating the couple in a light as warm as their smiles. The ceremony, set against a backdrop of lush greenery and the subtle aroma of herbs, was a heartfelt expression of their journey together. Their vows were exchanged under a sky turning into twilight, symbolizing the new chapter they were beginning. The reception, held in a rustic barn adorned with delicate fairy lights and natural décor, reflected their simple yet elegant taste. Friends and family danced and dined under wooden beams strung with garlands, celebrating Kaleigh and Adam's love, which, much like the timeless landscape of The Salem Herb Farm, was deeply rooted and naturally beautiful.


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