Wedding Pricing and FAQ

Thank you for stopping by our Pricing and Frequently Asked Questions page. We believe wholeheartedly that photography pricing should be as transparent and straight forward as possible. For that reason, we have developed a simple A La Carte menu that helps you focus in on the products and services you want most.


Wedding Collections


Collection ONE   


-  Photography By Jason Weaver

-  6 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

-  Online Gallery for 1 Year

-  Full Size Digital Files w/ Printing Rights


*Scroll down for a detailed description of all package contents. Does not include sales tax (when applicable)



Collection TWO   


- Photography By Jason Weaver

- 9 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

- Online Gallery for 1 Year

- Full Size Digital Files w/ Printing Rights



- Free Engagement Session (Mon-Thurs)

- 30 Fully Retouched Images of Your Choice


*  Scroll down for a detailed description of all          package contents. Does not include sales tax (when  applicable)

** Add both bonus items for $195


Collection THREE   


- Photography By Jason Weaver

- 12 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

- Online Gallery for 1 Year

- Full Size Digital Files w/ Printing Rights



- Free Engagement Session (Mon-Thurs)

- 30 Fully Retouched Images of Your Choice


*  Scroll down for a detailed description of all package contents. Does not include sales tax (when applicable)

** Add both bonus items for $195


Collection Details


Photography By Jason Weaver: All collections include the photographic services of Jason. Think of him as your main photographer. Shari can be added as the second photographer to any collection using the A La Carte menu below.

Coverage Time: Not every wedding can fit into the same mold. For that reason, our collections are based on coverage time. However, the collections can be customized so don't hesitate to reach out if your needs differ from what we offer. 


Online Gallery: Every wedding gets organized and uploaded to a beautiful online gallery. You and your guests can view the images, make collections of your favorite images, order prints and even create slideshows. We also run several print specials throughout the year.

Digital Files: All collections include full size digital files via download link at no charge. The files come fully edited for proper color, density, contrast and brightness. They also come with unlimited printing rights... so fill those walls!


Engagement Session: We LOVE to get to know our couples. For this reason, we highly recommend choosing the engagement session. It's also a great way to get some time in front of a camera to alleviate any nerves about being photographed on your wedding day.  The free sessions take place Mon-Thurs, but Fri-Sun sessions can be scheduled for $295 (pending availability).

30 Retouched Images: Even though all of your files come print ready, sometimes you want that little extra 'something'. The 30 photos of your choice will get the royal treatment. Facial and blemish retouching and custom dodge and burn will be tastefully done to all the images you select. 


A La Carte Menu


Second Photographer

$495 (6 hours) / $695 (9 hours) / $895 (12 hours)


Additional Hours

$195 per (main photographer) / $95 per (second photographer)


4x6in. Proof Prints

$0.75 per (100 print minimum) / $0.55 per (500 print minimum)


Full Resolution Digital Files

Download Link (Free) / USB Stick ($49)


Album Menu


Gift Albums*

8x8 Semi-Flush Hardcover Book w/ 20 Images on 20 Pages ($450 Cloth / $550 Leather)

8x8 Flush Linen Hardcover Book w/ 20 Images on 20 Pages ($495)

8x8 Flush Premium Leather Book w/ 20 Images on 20 Pages ($595)


Signature Albums*

10x10 Semi-Flush Hardcover Book w/ 60 Images on 30 Pages ($799 Cloth / $899 Leather)

10x10 Flush Linen Hardcover Book w/ 60 Images on 30 Pages ($850)

10x10 Flush Premium Leather Book w/ 60 Images on 30 Pages ($1050)


* All albums are completely custom and the prints inside will be fully retouched. Please note that other sizes and configurations are available by request. The books can contain nearly any combination of prints and pages.





Q: Can You Describe Your Photographic Style?

A: It can be hard to describe a photographers style with any single term such as 'photojournalistic' or 'fashion based' or 'traditional' etc... The truth is, any photographer that photographs weddings regularly is likely all of those things at various points of the day. To get the best possible understanding of a photographers style it's important to look at a large body of their work and to have a discussion about how they approach photographing a wedding. The approach is every bit as important as the photos since it can greatly impact the flow of your wedding day.

Q: What Is Your Wedding Day Approach?

A: At Dreamscape Studio Photography, we believe that a wedding is a wedding and NOT a photo shoot. That a good photographer should be able to gently nudge events in the right direction without becoming a distraction. That capturing beautiful formal images of your closest friends and family can be done beautifully and quickly. And that when you look back on your wedding photos many years from now, you should remember the spirit and joy of the day you shared together, but very little about the photographers that captured it - other than that they did a great job ;-)


Q: Where's The Free Second Photographer?

A: There are a few reasons why we don't include a second photographer in our collections. The most obvious reason being that not everyone wants one. Many of our couples like the idea of a more subtle vendor presence at their wedding and opt for either a single photographer package or one that includes a second photographer for only a portion of the day. The decision to hire or not hire an additional photographer is entirely up to... as it should be.

Q: Who Is The Second Photographer?

A: Her name is Shari and there are a few things you should know about her: 1) She graduated with the #1 portrait portfolio at the art school that both she and Jason attended. 2) She is a talented writer of young adult fiction. 3) She can often be seen teaching Yoga breathing to nervous brides before walking down the isle. What else could you possibly need to know?


Q: What is the difference between an edited file and retouched file?

A: All of the images we deliver to our couples are fully 'edited' for color, contrast and density. They are considered print ready and rarely need further adjustment to make a nice print. 'Retouched' files are ones that receive blemish removal, general clean up and selective dodge-and-burn. Album images are also fully retouched.

Q: When Will We See Our Photographs?

A. It typically takes us between 4 to 6 weeks to fully edit a wedding. Once the photographs are edited they will be uploaded to your online gallery where you, as well as friends and family, can enjoy the images. Shortly after the gallery goes live (usually the next day), the couple will receive a private link to download their wedding archive. If you have opted instead to receive your archive on USB stick, then this is when that would be mailed out. 


Q: Do You Charge a Travel Fee For Weddings Outside of Connecticut?

A: Each year we photograph nearly as many weddings outside of the state of Connecticut as we do in it. As such, we are accustomed to traveling for weddings and rarely charge an additional fee when the distance is reasonable. We regularly work in places such as Westchester County, Hudson Valley, Long Island, NYC, Upstate New York, Western Massachusetts, Newport and Cape Cod. Any travel expenses that may occur are discussed well before any contracts are signed. So if you love what we do then don't hesitate to inquire... even if it seems like we might be a little far. 

Q: Can You Hold Our Date While We Decide?

A: Photographers that specialize in wedding and portrait photography have a very short window of opportunity to fill their available dates with work. For this reason, all dates remain open until the booking process is completed. This policy is not meant to pressure anyone into making a hasty decision. On the rare occasions where two couples inquire about the same date, first come first served seems like the only fair path forward. We highly encourage all couples to be thorough in their search for the perfect photographer... you'll know when you've found one :-)


Q: How Do We Book Dreamscape Studio?

A: Since our couples tend to be scattered around New England and the Tri-State area, we've decided to keep our booking process online for convenience. Package selection, contract review/signing and payment are all executed through your Dreamscape client portal. Payments are split into 3 equal payments starting at contract signing and ending on the event date. Your client portal can be accessed at any time if you wish to check on due dates, print receipts or review your contract. Payments can be made via check or all major forms of credit card.

Q: Why Are You The Best Photographers For The Job?

A: Shari & Jason have some obvious advantages in that they are both trained photographers and have been photographing weddings full time since 2001. Experience is a huge asset in this business... we've seen it all and we come prepared. The best advice we can give to couples searching for a wedding photographer is to trust your gut and to remember that the quality of the images is what is most important. When you look at the photographs, can you see yourselves in them? Everything else is background noise.