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Shari (a west coast girl) and Jason (an east coast guy) began their photography careers in 2001 after meeting at a small art school in Western Massachusetts. From there, they went on to assist various commercial photographers in New York City where they eventually explored the world of wedding and portrait photography. At that time, wedding photography was especially traditional. Many wedding days were all about staged moments or re-enactments. However, a few studios in Manhattan were beginning to experiment with a more editorial and photo-journalistic approach, which immediately appealed to the young photographers.  They soon found themselves apprenticing for one of the largest wedding/portrait studios in the state and 6 months later were the principle photographers for all three locations. After photographing nearly 200 events for the NYC-based company, they finally struck out on their own to form Dreamscape Studio Photography.

For nearly 20 years Shari and Jason have been photographing weddings, family portraits, corporate events and commercial projects all over the northeast. They love that they get to play such a big role in preserving some of life's most important moments and continue to push themselves to become better visual story tellers with each passing year.


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